Why e-learning

E-learning represents an effective use of ICT in the education process.

Information is processed in the form of multimedia learning courses that combine text, static and dynamic image information.

Watch a video about the benefits of e-learning education:

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E-learning cuts costs - you might be surprised!

1. No more fees for instructors!

Ensuring mandatory employee training through authorized trainers can be very costly. So why not to use our web-based educational portal 'www.vzdelavacie-kurzy.sk'? We will train your employees on mandatory OSH training, fire safety and driver training (included in OSH training) for a za fraction of the full-form education priceza .

2. No more travel costs!

Online courses can be taken by your employees in their office on a computer or on a mobile device whenever they like it, while setting their own pace of course completion. Sending staff to external courses can be costly. Save the travel costs as well as the time of your employees which they can devote to their work.

3. No more expenses for expert advice or update information service.

In addition to the courses that are available for your staff 24/7 a year, the course graduates can also take advantage of expert advice. All our OSH, fire safety and driver training related questions are answered by our authorized specialist. Employees can ask questions of interest to them at any time for which there is usually little or no time in attendance training. Of course, there is also an update-information service, which will inform you about the legislative changes and the ensuing specifics.

E-learning saves your time too!

1. Online courses are available to you immediately

The organization of attendance training takes your time. It is challenging to organize training that suits all your employees from the time point of view. So why not to use e-learning training that save your time efficiently? Its main advantage is that the courses are available to you immediately. You will no longer have a problem with recruiting new employees as they can be trained on the first day of work.

2. Online courses are not time-consuming

Courses are processed in accordance with valid legislation and contain the necessary information to complete the course. Once their knowledge is successfully verified, your employees are able to print out a record of their training completion and can get back to work straight away.

3. Creating automated course-completion recordings

Save time with automatic records of employees who have completed our courses. Your corporate administrator (manager or other responsible person) will have full control and overview of all employee training, access to course completion records, etc.

What is so great about e-learning?

1. Flexibility

Your employees can decide when to study individual courses and how much time they spend on studying. The courses do not have to be attended at once, so employees can study the individual parts of the course whenever it suits them most. The full content of the courses is available to employees for one year. Even after completing the courses, they are given an overview of the completed course to refresh the acquired knowledge simply after signing in.

2. Interactivity

Absorbing too much information can be very challenging during attendance training. Our form of e-learning provides not only knowledge, but it also makes the actual learning process more interesting, i.e. by its sequence, logic of interpretation, repetition, exercise and testing of acquired knowledge. Our courses combine text and image information. Thus, graphics and animations keep employees' attention focused on the course, while issues are often better and faster explained, compared to the traditional attendance form of study.