Frequently asked questions about the system

Frequently asked questions about the system

What is ''?
The '' site is an online e-learning education portal, which is primarily designed for cost-effective provision of mandatory OSH, fire safety and driver training for administrative staff. The system provides a modern and highly efficient employee training solution.

How can we make the training of our employees cost-effective and time-saving?
The '' site is a guarantee of a high-efficient way of education at a fraction of the price compared to the classical full-time training. Our e-learning system saves your employees' time and money. The '' site allows your employees to study the course at any time that suits them best, setting their own pace of course completion. The course quality is guaranteed by a team of renowned experts and does not depend only on the quality of the lecturer.

What do my staff need to be trained through your education web portal?
To use all of our services, only a computer or tablet or phone with an internet connection is necessary.

Can I use e-learning to train employees whose responsibilities also include driving a motor vehicle (company car)?
Yes, the '' site offers training for the administrative staff driving a motor vehicle.

We employ foreign workers, are your courses available in a foreign language?
Yes, all user parts of the system (courses, user interface, sent messages, training completion records, etc.) are also provided in English.

What other benefits does your web portal offer?
By using our web portal services, you will get convenient access to mandatory OSH, fire safety and driver training courses, without having to contact anyone or organize a meeting to ensure your employees' attendance training. In addition to the course content which is available for your employees unlimitedly 24 hours a day, the course graduates have expert advice. All our OSH, fire safety and driver training related questions are answered by our authorized specialist. Employees can always ask questions of interest to them for which there is just little time in attendance training. Of course, there is also an update-information service available, which will inform you about the legislative changes and the features that arise from them.

Who creates the courses you offer?
When creating courses, we work with renowned experts and didactic staff who guarantee a professional course content, in collaboration with IT professionals, lawyers, or linguists.

I need to have control over the course of the training, can it be provided by your system?
We will give you access to a comprehensive administration of training through a so-called corporate administrator (manager or other responsible person). You will get full control and supervision over the course of the training. In addition to subscribing and unsubscribing employees to courses, you can easily track all reports and statistics. Of course, you will also get access to courses records, payments, profiles, support, etc.

Can you adjust the look of your courses according to our corporate identity?
Yes, we can customize a course according to your requirements. We can create an e-learning interface for you according to your corporate identity (company colours, logo, slogan, etc.) without extra fees.

Do you offer the option of placing our own corporate courses in your web portal?
Yes, we have the possibility to implement your own courses with any employee training topic. You can place all of your internal training on '' to get a comprehensive and effective corporate e-learning education system.

Is it possible to create a customized course?
Customized courses will be developed according to your documents and requirements. We will propose methodology and didactic processing, creative graphics, multimedia elements, various questions and interesting facts from practice. We will create an engaging e-learning course with visual production combined with text as an optimal form of virtual learning.

I am interested in your courses, how can I proceed?
If you are interested in our online courses and services, please contact us HERE. We will be happy to answer your questions.