Náš systém - funkcie a výhody e-learningu

The web portal 'www.vzdelavacie-kurzy.sk' represents a modern, simple and effective employee training solution in the form of e-learning.

BOZP, OPP, školenie vodičov referentov, schválené národným inšpektorátom práceThe e-learning education information system 'www.vzdelavacie-kurzy.sk', the form and content of the courses are approved by the National Labour Inspectorate on the basis of authorization for education and training no. VVZ-0163/08-01.1.

Take a look at the features and benefits of our system:

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The 'www.vzdelavacie-kurzy.sk' system is a guarantee of a highly efficient way of education at a fraction of the price compared to the classical full-time form of training.

Our main goal is to provide legal training in occupational safety and health (OSH), fire safety and training of drivers (specially adjusted OSH) as well as other types of training in accordance with the legislative requirements, technical guarantee and support.

The web portal 'www.vzdelavacie-kurzy.sk' is a unique education management system that offers effective tools for organizing and managing training:

simple, clear and intuitive training management environment
all user parts of the system (courses, employee interface, sent messages, training records, etc.) are also fully available in English
full control and supervision of the training course
nonstop access to reports, statistics and records of your employees' courses
notification of re-training of employees or training repetition according to set parameters
verification of knowledge in the form of a final test or receiving a statement about getting acquainted with the content of the course
issuing training records in accordance with valid legislation
sending messages with respect to important legislative changes and ensuing specifics
employees' access to the content of the courses even after their completion
automatic course content updates in accordance with valid legislation
an option to customize the look of your courses in accordance with your business identity