The '' website is a web portal certified by the National Labour Inspectorate, it has the approved form and training content and the training records issued via this site are as valid as the training records issued at attendance training. The '' website is a professional site with a long tradition for professional partners and is also suitable for institutions with frequent or large recruiting of new employees.

Why train with us?

1. we are a team of specialists working with didactic staff, pedagogues and lawyers

2. we have been carrying out e-learning training at a professional level since 2009 and have trained thousands of employees from various large companies and firms

3. we only train what is really needed

4. we do not limit your time access to courses even though you are not an active customer

5. your own company course or internal guidelines will be implemented on the website within 48 hours, alongside employee access privileges, so that '' will quickly become a business training centre, and your staff will be able to get all the necessary training in one place

6. any courses can also be processed in the selected world language

7. company local requirements for OHS and Fire Safety courses (internal regulations and rules on safety and health at work, fire service status, fire alarm guidelines, evacuation plans of buildings, list of places with increased fire risk, etc.) will be made for you free of charge